Psychosexual Evaluations

How likely is it that a sex offense will be repeated?  Once a person commits a sex offense, the likelihood that it will be repeated is increased.  Understanding how likely is a question that can be measured by scientific principles.  Research regarding risk assessment, including with regard to sexual behavior, has grown exponentially in recent years.  We keep abreast of this research and use the latest scientific methods for predicting risk.  These methods are presented in understandable terminology to answer questions regarding the probability that a person will reoffend.

Often, questions arise about whether a person’s sexual behavior is normal or if it is compulsive and beyond control. These behaviors seem self-defeating and difficult to understand. These behaviors can be evaluated and understood considering issues such as; self-esteem, anxiety, depression, family functioning and sexual experience. We evaluate complete individuals not just sexual behavior. Therefore we help make sense of behaviors in question and even the likelihood they actually occurred.  When necessary, we make recommendations for further treatment or care.