Focused Assessments

The Focused Assessment (FA) (formerly the Limited Family Assessment (LFA) is designed to address specific issues for which the court needs additional information. It is tailored to be a cost effective way to answer a limited number of issues. The court may only desire that the evaluator conducting a FA focus on one portion of ARS §25-403.  With the FA, psychological testing may or may not be a part of the evaluation process.  As the evaluator is not expected to conduct a full ARS §25-403 analysis, the evaluator is not expected to provide specific recommendations with regard to legal decision-making or parenting time schedules.

By way of example, some questions that may prompt the need for an FA could involve:

  1. Child maltreatment allegations (e.g., inadvertent/isolated incidents of maltreatment)
  2. A Child interview (e.g., custodial preference and whether preference based on developmentally appropriate reasoning)
  3. Domestic violence (e.g. occasional instances of push/shove/slap)
  4. Educational needs of a child
  5. Grandparents’ request for access time
  6. A Home study (e.g. safety concerns)
  7. Mental health and parenting capacity evaluation of one parent, e.g., substance abuse, mood disorder, personality disorder, criminal history
  8. Legal decision-making recommendations (e.g. ability to co-parent)
  9. Parenting time-share recommendations
  10. Safe Exchanges
  11. Relationship of child with parents and/or significant others (e.g. siblings, Step-parents, Grandparents)