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Welcome to the Forensic Counseling and Evaluations private Parent Conferences. FC&E providers have been conducting Parent Conferences for years through a contract with the Maricopa County Superior Court. In addition to conferences through the contract, the providers are now offering private Parent Conferences. These private conferences offer for great opportunities.

The court-ordered Parenting Conference provides a brief, non-evaluative review which can result in an agreement between the parties and/or a useful summary of important issues and considerations for the court. When the Court orders a Parenting Conference, the provider will contact the parents, give them the appropriate forms to complete, and schedule the meeting. The appointed provider will meet with the parents to determine areas of agreement about the Parenting Plan, and may offer suggestions for resolving conflicts. Often the children are interviewed as well. Typically, the Conference takes only a few hours, and is often concluded in one day. When possible, the parties sign a “Full Agreement” or “Partial Agreement” about the Parenting Plan, which is forwarded to the Court for consideration in advance of a scheduled hearing. The provider also prepares a summary of the session for the Court. The Parenting Conference is especially useful when the parties have limited means.

  1. Cost: The private Parent Conferences will be conducted at a low cost of $500 to be split between the parties as determined by the parties or the court.
  2. Qualifications: Litigants will continue to have the opportunity to take advantage of the experienced providers at FC&E.
  3. Choice: unlike the current process, attorneys and litigants will be able to choose their provider from the list of experience providers at FC &E.
  4. Collateral Documents: Attorneys are invited to submit documents but the provider does not seek documents. A review of up to 100 relevant pages (e.g. police reports, mental health records, school records, drug testing results) for each party is permitted within the cost of the conference. Additional documents will be read at an additional cost.
  5. Efficiency: FC&E providers will typically submit a report within 30 days of receipt of an appointment.
  6. Report: Parties will be provided a report that is reflective of the high standards of FC&E.

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Parent Conference Providers

Laura Clemons, Ph.D.

Ms. Clemons attained her master’s level training in counseling at Columbia University with a focus in child and family counseling.  Ms. Clemons is currently completing her doctorate level training in counseling at Arizona State University, having recently concluded her pre-doctoral internship training with Forensic Counseling and Evaluations where she served as a Court-appointed treatment interventionist for several families, and completed parenting conference, limited family, comprehensive family, and home study assessments.    Ms. Clemons has served as a parenting conference provider for  several years, providing nearly two hundred parenting conferences over these years many with unique and diverse  circumstances.  Most recently, Ms. Clemons utilized these experiences in presenting at the Arizona Chapter of the Association of Family and Conciliatory Court Conference 2016 on parenting plans for families with special needs.

Amy Dahl, M.A.

Ms. Dahl has recently earned her Professional Psychology Doctorate from Argosy University in Phoenix, AZ. She has a Master of Arts in School Psychology and in Counseling. She is a Nationally Certified School Counselor and an Arizona Department of Education Certified School Psychologist and Counselor. Amy has over 20 years of experience in the education field as a school psychologist and counselor working with children and her philosophy for completing Parenting Conferences is to advocate and do what is in the best interests of the children. Since she began working at FCE 9 months ago she has completed over 50 Parenting Conferences.

Tiffany Delbridge, L.M.S.W.

Ms. Delbridge is a Licensed Social Worker through the Arizona Board of Behavioral Health. She graduated with a Master’s degree in Social Work from Arizona State University with a specialty in Child Welfare. Mrs. Delbridge has worked in the field of child welfare for the last 12 years, in the roles of safety specialist, advocate, therapist, and Parenting Conference facilitator. Throughout her time as a social worker she has been involved in over 100 court cases, where she served as an expert witness in approximately 70 percent of those court proceedings. Mrs. Delbridge has also conducted over 120 Parenting Conferences through Forensic Counseling and Evaluations. Her Parenting Conferences are conducted in a personal, individualized, unbiased manner with the focus on the best interest of the children and families.

Robert DiCarlo, Ph.D.

Dr. DiCarlo is a psychology resident with knowledge and experience in cognitive-behavioral therapy and working with multifaceted individual and family issues.  Dr. DiCarlo views parenting conferences as an opportunity to create a cooperative and respectful space to facilitate the parents’ navigation through a challenging process with compassion and fairness.  With over 10 years of experience working with families in behavioral health settings, Dr. DiCarlo brings his understanding of the complex needs of modern and diverse families. Dr. DiCarlo additionally facilitates group- and individual-based interventions for anger management and high conflict divorce co-parenting.  His practice is informed by a multicultural consciousness, an awareness of the real life parenting challenges of today’s families, and a desire to find common ground while creatively problem solving.  Parenting conference reports produced by Dr. DiCarlo are thorough, balanced, and timely.

Jeff Trollinger, M.Ed., L.P.C.

Mr. Trollinger has performed approximately 600 Parenting Conferences through the Maricopa County Superior Court. He is well versed in the process and makes every attempt to ensure the parents are comfortable with any plan developed. Mr. Trollinger is thorough in his assessment of the issues, and attempts to report these problem areas in a succinct manner.